Land Rights Council, Inc.

All the inhabitants will have enjoyment of pastures, water, firewood, and timber, always taking care not to injure another.

Carlos Beaubien-May 11,1863


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The purpose of the Land Rights Council Inc. is to preserve the rights of the heirs to have access to La Sierra provided to them by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The organization is also dedicated to work with the owners to preserve the mountainís natural resources for years to come.† The council has made great strides in this effort but there is still much work to be done to complete the final mission.† The Council meets on the last Friday of the month. We encourage anyone interested in this movement to join the organization.

The Land Rights Council is also involved in providing much needed resources to Spanish speaking residents of the San Luis Valley.† In this effort we will provide information and assistance for Internal Revenue issues on income tax questions or controversy issues, by forming the San Luis Valley & Southern Colorado Low Income Tax Clinic. The clinic will provide this service to the entire San Luis Valley communities and the communities of Northern New Mexico. This service will be provided by written information and public forums scheduled throughout the area.

The Low Income Tax Clinic welcomes calls with questions about the services we offer. Se Habla EspaŮol.


† To contact us:

The Land Rights Council

P.O. Box 57

401 Church Pl

San Luis, CO 81152-0057


Phone: 719-672-1019

Fax: 719-672-1049


San Luis Valley & Southern Colorado Low Income Tax Clinic.

401 Church Pl.

P.O. Box 57

San Luis, CO 81152-0057


Phone: 719-672-1002

Toll Free: 1-866-607-8462

Fax: 719-672-1049