Land Rights Council, Inc.

All the inhabitants will have enjoyment of pastures, water, firewood, and timber, always taking care not to injure another.

Carlos Beaubien-May 11,1863


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The Low Income Tax Clinic will be working with the Taxpayer Advocate Service to provide the needed information and services to our clients. Click on picture to access The Tax Payer Advocate web page.

About Us

San Luis Valley & Southern Colorado Low Income Tax Clinic.

401 Church Pl.

P.O. Box 57

San Luis, CO 81152-0057


Phone: 719-672-1002

Toll Free: 1-866-607-8462

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The Land Rights Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserve the rights of the area’s citizens to have access to La Sierra. The council is also striving to improve the relationship between the citizens and the owners of the mountain. The organization is striving to see if we can expand the rights to include other activities.

The council is composed of a governing board with elected officers. The council presently has 2 employees

The Low Income Tax Clinic is here to help our San Luis Valley and Northern New Mexico low income residents with English as a second language, with their questions on IRS issues and controversies. The Low Income Tax Clinic is prepared to give presentations in English and Spanish to organizations or groups in any part of the San Luis Valley or Northern New Mexico. We are prepared to service the entire San Luis Valley and the communities in Northern New Mexico.

Land Rights Council Officers            

Norman Maestas-President

Mathew Valdez-Vice President             

Juanita Martinez-Secretary                            

Delmer Vialpando-Treasurer                             

Low Income Tax Clinic

Norman Maestas-Qualified Tax Expert

Ubaldo F. Padilla-Qualified Business Adm./Clinic Director




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Board of Directors

Charlie Jaquez

Joseph Lobato

Gloria Maestas

Norman Maestas

Jose A. Martinez

Shirley Romero Otero

Virgil Sanchez

Mathew Valdez

Delmer Vialpando

Weylen Vigil

Land Rights Council Inc.

401 Church Pl.

P.O. Box 57

San Luis, CO 81152-0057


Phone: 719-672-1019

Fax: 719-672-1049




Picture of the Mesa above the town of San Luis “Oldest Town in Colorado

This is a picture of the location of the San Luis Valley Low Income Tax Clinic and Land Rights Council office looking from atop of the mesa. We are located on the west end of the San Luis museum top floor above the Community bank.

Click on picture to see article about the struggle to regain rights of La Sierra.